Egyptian Statuette of Pataikos

Late Period, 664 – 30 BC


Amulet made of alternating turquoise green glazed faience. Pataikos is one of the many aspects of the god Ptah, in Egyptian mythology the creator god of Memphis as well as the god of goldsmiths and craftsmen. The name „Pataikos“ comes from Herodotus, who alludes in his Histories to the prows of Phoenician ships in the form of protective dwarves. The connection to Ptah derives from the dwarves, who were usually associated with metallurgists in ancient Egypt. Pataikos is most often depicted as an unshapely, naked dwarf with a belly and a disproportionately large head. These representations are almost exclusively amulets, mostly made of green faience, which were supposed to protect their wearers from evil forces and mischief.


Dimension: height 7,8 cm, width 3,4 cm, depth 2,6 cm

Condition: Intact and in excellent state of preservation. Specimen of size in exceptionally careful workmanship and fine style.

Provenance: Private collection G. H., London, since the 1990s.


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